We’ve all seen rundowns of the best British bloggers before, but we decided to do something a little bit different here at 111SKIN. Instead of scrolling through YouTube and seeing the most popular, high-budget blogs, we’ve gone for slightly lesser known bloggers. The bloggers who you know you can really trust.

Our favourite British bloggers

Caroline Hirons

Once a cult beauty blogger, since signing with Gleam Futures, she’s been blasted into the limelight. Hirons is your go-to gal for all things skincare. She knows what’s right for your skin, what’s wrong for your skin, and why. Recently, Hirons has decided to no longer host sponsored content on her blog, meaning you can really trust her opinions on all things skincare.

London Beauty Queen

Unlike the teens and 20 somethings who religiously read blogs and jump of trend bandwagons, Hayley of LondonBeautyQueen takes a much more mature approach. She knows what women really want out of their beauty content and their beauty brands. Her photography is incredible and she’s always talking about brands, launches and products that are way ahead of the curve. She isn’t one to jump on a beauty trend, but to carve them out herself.


Lily Melrose is one of the biggest bloggers on this list, with a wildly successful YouTube channel and an Instagram aesthetic to die for. However, her fun style and edgy editing marks her out as different from the rest of the blogging community. She speaks incredibly honestly about products, laughs at her own flaws, and her cat is named after a Game of Thrones character, what’s not to love?

The What Now Blog

The What Now Blog is less of a beauty blog, more of a lifestyle, advice, everyday kind of blog. When you need a pick-me-up, or are going through a quarter life (or mid-life!) crisis, The What Now Blog will guide you through. Louise, the author of What Now, touches on career guidance, make-up and weekend adventures; so buckle up and prepare for the ride!

Phases of Robyn

Like Lily Melrose, Robyn Taylor of Phases of Robyn knows how to market herself as a strict beauty and fashion blogger.  Her photography skills are incredible, and her Instagram account is edited to perfection. But Robyn offers an edgier alternative to the preened and perfected 2D beauty bloggers. Her make-up and fashion looks are strictly black, white and grey, so if you’re craving some edge, Robyn’s the gal for you.