Where you head on your holiday this year can have a real impact on your skin. Air quality, temperatures, and even the duration of the flight can alter your skin; making it dry, oily, or change in ways that you aren’t prepared for. If you want to pamper your skin, just as you would pamper yourself, take yourself away to one of these holiday destinations that will affect your skin the least.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Who doesn’t want to head to the tropical island of Hawaii? Honolulu is one of the least polluted cities in the world. It might sit on a volcano, but the fantastic air quality of the city itself will leave your skin unaffected by any smog the volcano can create. It’s also worth noting that chilling on the beach all day will leave you relaxed and melt that stress away; banishing breakouts and stress-related skin issues. Though don’t forget to pack that SPF; strong sun can damage your skin for life!

Scottish Highlands

If you fancy disappearing from the grid for a little while, the Scottish highlands are a perfect getaway. Almost void of pollution; the fresh air, country walks and multitude of spas will have your skin looking as fresh as you feel. The further north you head, the better the air quality, and the more spectacular the scenery. Head to the Isle of Skye for unbelievable sunsets, or to Outer Hebrides to spy the Northern Lights.

Calgary, Canada

One of the cleanest cities in the world, Calgary’s relatively small population and fantastic environmental schemes makes it perfect for a city break, without harsh pollutants affecting your skin. Though it may be a small city, it boasts fantastic culture with restaurants, museums and nightlife. Though be sure to pack an effective moisturiser, the cold temperatures are the only drawback to this fantastic and vibrant city.

Rural France

In southern France there is a smattering of villages. All as picturesque and idyllic as the next. These spots of paradise are perfect for a kind-to-skin holiday. The fresh air will revitalise your complexion, and although cheese and wine might not the healthiest choices, treating yourself to a rich diet can do fantastic things to your happiness, and thus your skin. Taking a few days to relax in a simpler way of life is a skincare tip we could all do with.