Spring has sprung! And with a new season, comes a new look. Spring make up is all about glowing skin, fresh colours and a new lease of life. We’ve compiled our tips for making the most of the new season and what it means for your daily make up routine.

Spring make-up

Fresh skin
Spring is all about the dewy, just-stepped-outside, fresh face. Think low coverage foundations that still let your skin breath. Or perhaps ditch the foundation all together and go for a BB cream, leaving your skin with that healthy and dewy finish. If you’re blessed with really exceptional skin, you can even just brave it with only concealer- brighten your under eyes with a highlighter pen, cover up any blemishes and voila, spring ready, dewy, all-natural skin.

Bright lip
Ditch the dark hues of winter and opt for something a little brighter for your lip in spring; think corals, pinks and oranges. The matte look is over for spring, go for glosses or a lip oil with a hint of colour that will condition your lips at the same time. A lip tint is also a great alternative to a more opaque lipstick; a tint will stain your lips all day, without feeling heavy and drying and no need to re-apply!

Bronze glow
You might not have jumped on a jet plan abroad yet, but you can go ahead and start faking the beautiful bronze glow. A sweep of bronzer in a ‘3’ shape down the sides of your face will add warmth, colour and life to your skin. Ditch the matte, and go for a bronzer with a hint of shimmer to re-awake a dull complexion.

Light eye make-up
Winter is all about thick liner and heavy lashes; spring is all about keeping it fresh and light and youthful. A sweep of mascara to open your eyes is all that’s needed for an every-day look. Though if your eyes do need a bit of waking up, glide some nude coloured liner in your waterline to widen them, giving you that Bambie-esque eye look.

But if something – pink
If you can’t go without a sweep of colour on your lids reach for lighter, brighter colours. The catwalks for S/S 16 were all about pinks and oranges. Whether you go for matte or shimmery eyeshadow, pink hues will open up your eyes and add a youthful pop of colour that is perfect for spring.