Heading out on a long haul flight this summer? Or just dreading that economy flight you booked for your work trip to Europe? Well fret not, we’ve collated the best skincare tips to boost your in-flight experience, taking you from economy to first class with your skincare.

First class skincare

Get relaxed
First things first; take off your make-up. We all know that make-up wipes are the work of the devil; try taking a carry on amount of micellar water and some cotton wool as a good alternative. Failing that, micellar water wipes are the most forgiving of the make-up wipes, and are becoming much more available. With your fresh face, you’re ready to start your in-flight pamper session.

The high altitude and the harsh air conditioning can strip your skin of its natural moisture. Keeping your skin hydrated is the first step to feeling pampered in flight. Long haul lights in particular can have incredibly stripping effects on your skin. Try a sheet mask for instant hydration. Our Bio Cellulose Mask works wonders in-flight and will leaving you with soft, plump and hydrated skin long after the plane has landed.

Relax and chill out
With your mask on your face, tune out of the terrible in-flight entertainment and plug yourself in to your iTunes library. Preparing yourself an in-flight playlist will work miracles for feeling luxurious and pampered in economy. Pick your favourite artist and sit back and relax; taking yourself away from the screaming children and packets of peanuts to 5 star hotels and a night with the girls.

After you’ve relaxed with a sheet mask, pack in more moisture with hydrating creams. Our Space Anti Age Night Renewal Cream is packed with ingredients to hydrate, exfoliate and restore your skin. Slather it on before you pull on your sleep mask and have a snooze; your skin will feel instantly hydrated and incredibly smooth even if your seat neighbour is elbowing you in the side for the whole flight.

Water sprays
Even after your mini-facial, you need to keep up the moisture levels of your skin in order to stay fresh. Try packing a facial spray to keep your skin beautifully hydrated. Spray every hour or so to keep your skin from drying out and from your hard work from going to waste.