Keeping your skin healthy and glowing when you’re out on the slopes is all about one thing: hydration. From the freezing cold to the bracing wind, alpine conditions can dry out your skin quicker than you can get down that black run. Follow our tips for next-level hydrated skin, and keep that ‘just popped outside’ glow even when you’re nursing some red wine in your chalet.

Skincare survival on the slopes

It almost goes without saying that packing a super hydrating moisturiser is one of the most important products to bring skiing with you. Purchase one that packs a punch, our Aqua Physics Defence Cream is specifically formulated to battle against harsh and extreme conditions. Not only that, but it includes UVA and UVB protection to shield from sun damage too.

Lip balm
An easily forgotten essential, lip balm can be a real life saver on the slopes. To prevent cracked and pealing lips, top up hourly. Ensure to get one with a high SPF; Taylor Swift inspired red lippy might be a cute look, but sunburnt lips certainly aren’t!

Packing one or two sheet masks for a week long holiday shouldn’t be overlooked. After long days of sun exposure and cold conditions, a super hydrating and calming mask will do wonders for dry, tired and overworked skin. Our new Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask is a real cold weather essential, and is perfect for those long haul flights if you’re heading further-a-field.

If you don’t fancy buying hundreds of new products, why not try something to boost the hydrating power of your current routine? Our Space Aqua Booster increases your skin’s hydration levels by 30% in just three hours. Either use on its own for immediate and super-concentrated results, or mix into your moisturiser to enrich its power.

Packing a product with a very high SPF is incredibly important when speeding down those slopes. Sun damage hits with much more intensity when reflected off the white snow; an SPF with a factor over 50 is ideal in these extreme conditions.