It might not feel like it quite yet, but spring is just around corner. With the change in season comes a change in skincare, and what better time to re-vamp your routine than spring?

Face mask

Re-asses your face

Most of us are lazy when it comes to our skin. We assume we have oily skin, or dry skin, or combination, and stick to a routine that might be a getting a little old for your unique skincare needs. Find yourself a magnifying mirror and really study your skin; look for noticeable changes and what your potential problem areas are. Do this once a week for a month; your hormone balance can change your skin week-to-week so ensure you’re really learning your skincare needs by studying your skin a few times.

Buy only what you need

We can all get bogged down with hundreds of products and hundreds of routines. All we really need is a decent cleanser, moisturiser, serum and exfoliator; the latter of which we should only be using 3-5 times a week. There’s no need for 5 different cleansers; only buy what you need for your personal skin problems. Bulk buying products can also be a real mistake; skincare can expire which can lead to ineffectiveness or at worse terrible skin reactions such as rashes or breakouts. Buy replacement products when you’re down to your last day or two.

Don’t expect results straight away

A new skincare routine can take time. Of course, if you break out with blemishes or dryness immediately, cease your new routine, but equally don’t expect to wake up with glowing skin the very next day. Try out your new products for a few months, if things aren’t progressing as you want them to try switching up a product or two. It’s all about finding a balance of products that harmonise with one another and your skin.

Everyone is different

It’s always worth remembering that no two people have the same skincare needs. Even if you and your mum both suffer with dry skin; what works for her might not work for you. Don’t feel disheartened if a product recommended to you doesn’t work out; just try something else! And remember, you know your skin better than anyone else, if you know it doesn’t react well to chemical exfoliators don’t try one out just because they work miracles on your friend.